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30 Day Challenge, Simplify September

SIMPLIFY SEPTEMBER, a 30 day challenge that focuses on simple acts leading to big results! The goal is 30 days of SIMPLE ACTS Start the first of the month (or on Sunday if need time to figure out your challenge goals) with an INTENTION for the first week of the month and then follow with daily simple acts that lead toward fulfilling it. Grab a blank calendar. Write down 4 things you’d like to bring to light in your life right now (joy, exercise, kindness, health, focus, friendships, health, self-care, mindfulness, organization, etc) Week one, write down ONE of those intentions For each day of that week, write down ONE thing you can do to work towards that goal. (this may end up being several different things, or can be something repeated to reinforce a habit) Do the same for weeks two, three and four, filling in each calendar day with an action step. Example: INTENTION #1 to start an exercise program Day ONE, tell a friend or family member *and research or plan on …

Tough Love

Tough Love is my gift to you. The Energy Lab, a personal training and fitness studio, in Redlands, CA is offering JillianMichaels BODYSHRED™ classes in addition to all of our other classes designed to give our members a world-class experience in a safe environment with a community of like-minded people. To see results, we have to expect discipline, focus and balance. We will raise the bar for you with an environment that is accepting and supportive. From high intensity exercise to mind-body wellness and meditation, we will remind you with tough love that we need a little dose of everything to truly be our best selves!

The Sitting Generation

Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, left me with a thought I cannot forget.  It helps to explain why our bodies often experience chronic pain and injuries. We were not made for the life we are living.  Simply put, “For 2000 generations we were hunter/gatherers.  For 200 generations, we were farmers.  For  20 generations we operated machines. And now, for 2 generations, we are the Sitting Generation.” We went from hunter/gatherers to farmers to working machines to simply sitting.  No wonder when we get up to move, we are achey. In pain. Stuck. Rigid. Immobile.  What do we expect? Our bodies were made to move.

The Flow of Life….the silverstrand

Not everything will go as you plan, drop expectations and go with the flow of life… Why? Because you are important and you matter. I saw it first hand and it struck several chords, heartstrings and wove into my being like only life and death can do. The flow of life and people we meet along the way made this experience possible for me. Without Sue Hitzmann, Arthur Hsu, Michol Dalcourt, Elena Dalcourt, Alok Singh, John Hardy, Annika Kahn, Kim Krausher, Bronwyn Adams-Hooper, Thomas Myers, Todd Garcia, Holly Clemens, and my numerous clients who keep me on my toes,  my circle of learning, humility, and curiousity would be closed.  Thanks to them, I saw life firsthand and I remain curious and open and inspired!


Whether you come to The Energy Lab every day, once in awhile, or have never been inside, but like to read about what we are doing – Thank you!  It may be that we get to see those who are fit or are on a journey towards increasing their fitness more than those who only think about it.  We are here for our fit population to remain fit and have fun living in their bodies.  We are also here for everyone on the journey.  But most people who do not consider themselves fit, think they have to get fit to come in.  WHAT?  That is what we are really here for ~ to help people get fit by coming in! Unless from the time you were 5 years old you never stopped jump roping, riding bikes around the neighborhood, playing tag, or swinging across monkey bars, you have had to regain your fitness and re-establish movement patterns.  That is probably most of us!  At some point, we had to make the decision to “become fit” and …