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Check in! Know your mantra

Today I am thankful for summer sunsets. Summer thunderstorms. Summer trips. Summer visits with family. Summer sleeping-in for the kids! And Summer moments of reflection!  Thankful for another full moon (tonight is the Supermoon, the biggest and brightest full moon we’ll see all year!)  Checking in with myself under a summer nighttime breeze, a sea of wispy clouds, a full moon rising and realizing my mantra…. My mantra: TO BE HAPPY!   I am also excited to move forward! “Eyes forward! Here we go!” is what my mentor Patti Newcombe said as a way of getting everyone going. As most of you know, to get people going, I encourage you to first “Check in!”  Now is the time to CHECK IN. EYES FORWARD. HERE WE GO! It feels so good to see so many of you returning from summer. Whatever summer was or is for you. I can feel a sense of newness and an anticipation to return to our routines, our habits, our schedules. Each of us comes back somehow changed. We don’t know …

Positive Mental Attitude ~ I’m training for…

My purpose and my why in The Energy Lab and the different ways we experience community and creating our best versions, in our bodies, hearts, and souls is best seen through our PMA Lab. (positive mental attitude). Our next PMA Lab is starting soon….”I am training for….”! What are YOU TRAINING FOR?
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Action For Happiness: What can you do?

Originally posted on Magpies and ladders:
Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. ~ Dalai Lama Around seven million people are afflicted by a mental health condition. But only 15 per cent of that total are being treated. Personal experience has taught me that sadly our UK NHS system can not be replied upon for mental health treatment and therefore has made me a firm believer in looking at all alternatives which cross my path. Whether you suffer from a mental health condition or not we all want to live happy and fulfilling lives and we want the people we love to be happy too. So happiness matters to all of us. While social context may indeed be an influencing factor, ultimately the key to happiness does indeed lie within each and everyone of us. Happiness Facts Pioneering economist Richard Layard has spent the best part of a decade arguing that we simply must find an answer to the question, how could we become a happier nation? Layard, along with…

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”….The Universe is Made of Tiny Stories

I have read and re-read stories from people full of courage.  I applaud you. Whether your story is written in your private journal and tucked away or written for someone else to see or even for the world to see, I applaud you.  We are all products of our story. Sometimes we are in tune with them and sometimes we are unaware of them until someone asks us, “what is your story?”  When I remind myself, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” (Plato), I also remind myself that everyone has a story.

Positive Energy Mala

Become the most passionate person you know, it will be contagious. Pretty much sums up my life.  To share my passion for simply living a fulfilling and healthy life I sat down one day with a notebook last summer with my daughter at the coffee shop and said to her, let’s come up 108 affirmations.  An affirmation being a positive “I am” statement and the number 108 because that is how many intentions are in a mala.  A mala celebrates the eternal spiritual truth within each heart. Since ancient times, this has been symbolized by the number 108.  There are 108 earthly desires, 108 human feelings, 108 delusions, 108 beads in the traditional meditation mala, and 108 affirmations in the Positive Energy mala that I created with help from designer and owner of Think Positive Apparel, Taylor Lapidus. My notebook and my list were carried around with me for at least 10 months when I reminded myself of them and decided to create a special graphic using them for the 3-year anniversary of my fitness …

The Sitting Generation

Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, left me with a thought I cannot forget.  It helps to explain why our bodies often experience chronic pain and injuries. We were not made for the life we are living.  Simply put, “For 2000 generations we were hunter/gatherers.  For 200 generations, we were farmers.  For  20 generations we operated machines. And now, for 2 generations, we are the Sitting Generation.” We went from hunter/gatherers to farmers to working machines to simply sitting.  No wonder when we get up to move, we are achey. In pain. Stuck. Rigid. Immobile.  What do we expect? Our bodies were made to move.

Only in my dreams….

Only in my dreams….But why?   Why do we think good things can only happen to us in our dreams? I challenge you to turn your dreams into reality…here is how:    Very rarely do I have dreams like most people think of dreams, the kind when you are asleep and you wake up knowing that you had dreamed or you wake up from a dream.  I am sure that I do dream in my sleep and I can recall some sleep dreams, but most of my dreams happen while I am awake. While I am in a clear connected place. I have the urge to grab a notebook and write down what seem to be just thoughts.  When I look back at my notes, I realize, they are more than just thoughts. They are dreams.  Like sleep dreams, they occur without any conscious effort.  Suddenly, they are on a piece of paper in front of me.  And usually when I am looking for answers I look back to my notebooks and find the answers …