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Is Connectedness a word?

In our PMA Lab (positive mental attitude bootcamp) at The Energy Lab this week we are focusing on our “connectedness” to each other, our community and the world we live in. Nature is our expert and teacher. We learn from the sun and moon and the earth and water and the plants and animals how we are all connected. We also see in our human experience that our gifts and presence are essential to others and part of the cycle of living. This week also happens to be the Believe Walk where over 10,000 people come together to support our family and friends living with cancer and affected by cancer in our community. In one way or another, we are all affected and connected by it. Our purpose is to share ourselves in whatever ways we can to honor the connectedness, knowing that one day, we may be the very ones needing help and support from our fellow human beings.

Limited Edition

We are all limited editions and every experience is priceless! Today I had a moment after my early morning class to smile about what great people I get to share my 5am hour with and what beautiful commitment and dedication they have! Here is what we did in our workout today and why the struggle is what makes the result so worthwhile…it is earned.

TRX Corrective Exercises for Pitchers

Originally posted on Optimal Movement Physical Therapy Blog:
You don’t run to get in shape, you get in shape so that you can run. Simply running every day will not improve your running ability. Cross training, improving muscle imbalances through corrective exercises, and strength training are all required in order to improve performance with running, and minimize the risk of overuse injuries. You can take the same concept with any activity which requires repetitive motion, especially pitching. Simply throwing every day as hard as you can will only decrease performance and increase the likelihood of injury. There is a certain amount of core strength, rotator cuff stability, hip flexibility, and lower quarter stability that is required to optimize the movement of an overhead athlete. When an athlete has reached a certain level of strength and flexibility, I encourage using a TRX suspension strap to train these elements of pitching. My favorite TRX exercises for pitchers are listed below, but with a disclaimer: as healthcare professionals, we cannot simply prescribe exercises without a thorough examination of the…

Tough Love

Tough Love is my gift to you. The Energy Lab, a personal training and fitness studio, in Redlands, CA is offering JillianMichaels BODYSHRED™ classes in addition to all of our other classes designed to give our members a world-class experience in a safe environment with a community of like-minded people. To see results, we have to expect discipline, focus and balance. We will raise the bar for you with an environment that is accepting and supportive. From high intensity exercise to mind-body wellness and meditation, we will remind you with tough love that we need a little dose of everything to truly be our best selves!