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Where is the Love?

We have to ask this question. In today’s world, we need more of it. As we try to understand how love has been replaced with hate and anger, we are also reminded that it is up to each and every one of us to take personal responsibility and be more love. At The Energy Lab, where we train for life, working out allows us to manifest and realize our internal strength to be able to accomplish life with confidence and ease. What we learn in our training, when we bring it to life, we realize that we are always stronger than we think we are. “Where is the Love?” is one example of why we train.

Health STARTS with PMA

Five years ago I developed a program where like-minded people had an opportunity to come together, to both exercise and to explore their deeper potential. We call it PMA Lab (Positive Mental Attitude). It began as a Boot Camp series where I included self-development and readings from books like The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and The IMPACT Body Plan by Todd Durkin. We followed the books through workouts and nutrition and always ended up in a “work-in” experience to GET THE MIND RIGHT! Our PMA Lab has evolved as we have evolved. It is back this Fall, with a “shift”, meaning, it has evolved. When I am asked what the theme of this PMA Lab is, I can only answer, “that you will experience a shift where you leave what you knew behind, find yourself navigating through elements of chaos, and land in a place of serenity.” In the end, finding yourself surrounded by others on the same mission as you. PMA. Try it.

Snap out of it

There are days, times, seasons when the world feels like it is crashing down. Do you ever feel like that? Like the weight is too much? It is coming at you from all directions? And you don’t know which way to turn? I have been feeling that a lot lately. We do so much to stand tall day after day; to handle all the little things and to continue picking up the pieces, trying desperately to patch them back into as organized a shape as we can. If you don’t stop and notice what you are doing, it is fine, you can continue doing it for quite awhile. Most of us are proof that crazy amounts of resiliency do exist.  But if you have one wavering moment where you pause, look around and question, “whose life is this?” and “how did it I get here?”, then watch out. You are probably about to fall off the cliff you’ve been teetering on into the abyss of self-pity, exhaustion, perhaps resentment, and apathy towards taking care of …

I may not be there yet…

A picture tells a thousand words. “I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.” Yup, I took my shorts off and wore just my swimsuit at the beach. That’s not me.  I’m not comfortable in my skin.  I see all the flaws and imperfections. Those legs, they’ve always seemed like tree trunks to me. They’re my dad’s legs, I would tell myself, but that never changes them. The trouble with this admission is that I own a fitness studio. I spend my days teaching others about health and fitness and moving and eating well. I teach that we can become what we work for.  And yet, I work hard and I eat well, but I cannot change my shape. Perhaps I shouldn’t. I can, however, change my opinion about it. “To be well in my skin.” What if that were my goal? What if that was everyone’s goal? Would we have healthier communities? I follow and recently met Trish Blackwell, which led me to listen to her ‘Confidence on the Go‘ …

Beyond Personal Training

The Energy Lab is a judgement-free zone, where caring abounds! What we do is not a job, it is our calling. We shine in the game of caring, because to us, it is not a game, it is simply the result of our passion to change the world! One person at a time. To let someone know that we believe in them to the point that they believe in themselves. Thanks to my mentor and coach, Todd Durkin, for showing to the world what caring looks like in the world of personal training and to NBC Strong for focusing on how STRONG people are capable of being when being strong is their only choice AND when they have someone who believes in them!

When STRONG is More Than A Word

It’s pretty amazing that when we look back, we can see that everything happens for a reason.  Had any of our choices or decisions along the way been different, our paths would never lead us to where we are now. Think about all the worries and thoughts that kept us up late at night, that, when looking back, seem so much smaller than they felt at the time. Seven months ago, I sat with my Todd Durkin Mastermind Team at a retreat in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Todd had something BIG to share with us. He was scared of the potential of a dream he had for a long time coming true. Scared for a dream to come true. Think about that.  We should all have dreams that big, that the reality of them ever happening scares the pants off of us!  I remember his list of concerns and obstacles and fears. He listed them systematically, and he could see his way through each one. Except for one. The fear of succeeding. It holds us back, even the best …

Is Connectedness a word?

In our PMA Lab (positive mental attitude bootcamp) at The Energy Lab this week we are focusing on our “connectedness” to each other, our community and the world we live in. Nature is our expert and teacher. We learn from the sun and moon and the earth and water and the plants and animals how we are all connected. We also see in our human experience that our gifts and presence are essential to others and part of the cycle of living. This week also happens to be the Believe Walk where over 10,000 people come together to support our family and friends living with cancer and affected by cancer in our community. In one way or another, we are all affected and connected by it. Our purpose is to share ourselves in whatever ways we can to honor the connectedness, knowing that one day, we may be the very ones needing help and support from our fellow human beings.