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10 years

10 years ago tonight I remember sitting under the stars pleading with the dark sky for answers. Searching for my dad. It was 3 days after he died and the night before his 65th birthday and his funeral. Tonight when I went outside I didn’t even need to turn on the porch light. The light of the full moon is shining down. I’m going to moon bathe for a bit and soak up its energy. The sky looks different now. People said it would happen; that time would change things and it would get easier. I couldn’t believe them then and I’m not sure I believe it now either. But somehow I’ve changed. My dad would be 75 tomorrow, August 18. Last week I got to celebrate the birthday of a very special 99-year-old. I wished my tiny, spunky, we-don’t-know-exactly-how-old-she-is friend who sees me every week a happy birthday. I made Sean his favorite birthday cake, and I keep thinking about my life 15 years ago when my Natalie’s heart and mine became one on …

When STRONG is More Than A Word

It’s pretty amazing that when we look back, we can see that everything happens for a reason.  Had any of our choices or decisions along the way been different, our paths would never lead us to where we are now. Think about all the worries and thoughts that kept us up late at night, that, when looking back, seem so much smaller than they felt at the time. Seven months ago, I sat with my Todd Durkin Mastermind Team at a retreat in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Todd had something BIG to share with us. He was scared of the potential of a dream he had for a long time coming true. Scared for a dream to come true. Think about that.  We should all have dreams that big, that the reality of them ever happening scares the pants off of us!  I remember his list of concerns and obstacles and fears. He listed them systematically, and he could see his way through each one. Except for one. The fear of succeeding. It holds us back, even the best …

Is Connectedness a word?

In our PMA Lab (positive mental attitude bootcamp) at The Energy Lab this week we are focusing on our “connectedness” to each other, our community and the world we live in. Nature is our expert and teacher. We learn from the sun and moon and the earth and water and the plants and animals how we are all connected. We also see in our human experience that our gifts and presence are essential to others and part of the cycle of living. This week also happens to be the Believe Walk where over 10,000 people come together to support our family and friends living with cancer and affected by cancer in our community. In one way or another, we are all affected and connected by it. Our purpose is to share ourselves in whatever ways we can to honor the connectedness, knowing that one day, we may be the very ones needing help and support from our fellow human beings.

The Truth About Jill

Who I am and what I can tell you “about me”  is best summed up in Albert Einstein’s statement: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein That curiosity has led me to so many wonderful discoveries about myself, about others, about the human body and movement, and about the things that make people tick!  As in all things in life, our education gives us the framework and opens the doors to experiences. The experiences themselves and our courage to pursue them are what define us.  Below is a list of my “framework”: ACE & AFAA Certified Personal Trainer Level 3 Institute of Motion Mentorship Level 2 TRX Instructor, and 4 TRX course certifications Fascia Dissection Course with Thomas Myers, 2014, 2015 & 2016 Jungshin Master Trainer Pilates, Cycling, Taiji Fit, and MELT Method certified Todd Durkin Mastermind Team, Platinum IDEA Health and Fitness Association FASTER Course Director Speaker and Innovator Creator, Owner and Chief Motivator of The Energy Lab I decided to become a personal trainer in 2007.  Never …

Dear God, Thank You…My Story

20 years in the making. My transformation story… 1995-2015. Most people have 30-day stories, 6-month, and one-year stories.  I had a few nudges that let me know it was time to share my story.  Looking back at where to begin, it turns out, I have been living my transformation for the last 20 years.  It is a journey, a lifetime process to which there is no end.  There has never been a quick fix.  I am on this journey every day and it is not easy, but it is necessary.