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Beginning Meditation. Do You Have the Voices in Your Head Too?

I may not be there yet, but I am getting closer. This year one of my Big 5 goals is to find more peace within, knowing that a steady meditation practice will make all the difference in this aspect of my life. So far, I am in awe of the potential of our brains and our cellular make-up and I like what I am experiencing.

30 Day Challenge, Simplify September

SIMPLIFY SEPTEMBER, a 30 day challenge that focuses on simple acts leading to big results! The goal is 30 days of SIMPLE ACTS Start the first of the month (or on Sunday if need time to figure out your challenge goals) with an INTENTION for the first week of the month and then follow with daily simple acts that lead toward fulfilling it. Grab a blank calendar. Write down 4 things you’d like to bring to light in your life right now (joy, exercise, kindness, health, focus, friendships, health, self-care, mindfulness, organization, etc) Week one, write down ONE of those intentions For each day of that week, write down ONE thing you can do to work towards that goal. (this may end up being several different things, or can be something repeated to reinforce a habit) Do the same for weeks two, three and four, filling in each calendar day with an action step. Example: INTENTION #1 to start an exercise program Day ONE, tell a friend or family member *and research or plan on …

3 Steps to Get Out of Pain

The Future is Open Wide, I’ll stop the world and MELT with you. Our daily living leads to stress in our systems and that stress leads to aging.  Most of the time we don’t do anything about it until we experience pain and at that point, it is too late. Here are 3 simple practices that can help us begin to understand our pain cycles and more importantly, the steps to get out of pain!  It’s time to learn to work with our stress. Have a relationship with it.There is no denying that life will always bring on stress.  We cannot get out of it, BUT WE CAN LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH IT. It begins with AWARENESS!  It is essential we bring awareness back to ourselves and become aware of the things in our lives we have missed. Pre-pain signals; waking up achey and stiff, sensing inflammation in our bodies, our rings not fitting, our hair and skin dry, our joints cracking frequently. If you experience any of these things, let’s see what step …