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The Flow of Life….the silverstrand

Not everything will go as you plan, drop expectations and go with the flow of life… Why? Because you are important and you matter. I saw it first hand and it struck several chords, heartstrings and wove into my being like only life and death can do. The flow of life and people we meet along the way made this experience possible for me. Without Sue Hitzmann, Arthur Hsu, Michol Dalcourt, Elena Dalcourt, Alok Singh, John Hardy, Annika Kahn, Kim Krausher, Bronwyn Adams-Hooper, Thomas Myers, Todd Garcia, Holly Clemens, and my numerous clients who keep me on my toes, ¬†my circle of learning, humility, and curiousity would be closed. ¬†Thanks to them, I saw life firsthand and I remain curious and open and inspired!