Month: October 2015

Won’t You Take Me To Funky Town?

Cycling Periodization~ A Training plan to progressively challenge, build and take your fitness to the next level This is for anyone who wants to learn to train like an athlete; whether it is the first day off the couch or if you have been on the treadmill going nowhere for too long, or if you know that no matter how many times you have experienced this type of training, there is always something to learn! We call our cycling “tribe” the “On Your Left” group, which most runners and cyclists understand that phrase to mean, “I’m coming up on your left to pass you.” Usually those passing “on the left” have a certain humble confidence about them that comes with experience and training. They are an elite group that have earned the right to say “on your left”.   Which means each person started somewhere and every person started at the beginning! In addition to learning a lot about your body and your potential, we like to have fun! The theme of this session is “Won’t you …

Is Connectedness a word?

In our PMA Lab (positive mental attitude bootcamp) at The Energy Lab this week we are focusing on our “connectedness” to each other, our community and the world we live in. Nature is our expert and teacher. We learn from the sun and moon and the earth and water and the plants and animals how we are all connected. We also see in our human experience that our gifts and presence are essential to others and part of the cycle of living. This week also happens to be the Believe Walk where over 10,000 people come together to support our family and friends living with cancer and affected by cancer in our community. In one way or another, we are all affected and connected by it. Our purpose is to share ourselves in whatever ways we can to honor the connectedness, knowing that one day, we may be the very ones needing help and support from our fellow human beings.