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Oh, September

Ask bad do you want it


I am so excited about the changes that September brings. All kinds of opportunities. Do not let them slip away or become regrets. Seize every moment. You are worth it.

I know lots of you are in training for all kinds of awesome things:

*for life

*for PMA Lab starting September 18 and for Cycling Pre-Periodization Training starting now, followed by our 8-week training plan starting October 18.

*for events like Ragnar with our “Lab Rats”! (check out a new Pinterest Board I just started for Lab Rats and I will be combining “LabRats” with “OnYourLeft” page for some of the FB shares)

*for Believe WALK, October 4 and our ‪#‎10K‬ goal, Mission Inn Walk/Run on November 8

*for restoring healthy weights and feeling good in our bodies and so much more..

When you encounter struggles, choices, the “I don’t feel like it” moment, ask yourself, HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? and then jump in and overcome! Remember, we’ve got your back! This September is yours to take control and turn the finish of this year into one you can be very proud of!

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Work hard. Be Humble. And if we are lucky, inspire someone along the way to live their best life! I believe our best life is one that has health in mind, body, and soul. Challenge limits and raise bars to continuously improve and keep growing as we look back at where we have come from and who we have learned from along the way! I own a fitness studio called The Energy Lab in Redlands, CA. We focus on the whole body. We are not a gym, we are a way of life!

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