Month: August 2015

Who Am I? My Promises to You

Share a smile. Encourage a healthy glow. Ask questions that stir emotions. Serve and deliver what you did not know you needed. These are my promises to you.   “We have more in common than we don’t.”  My friend and colleague, Brian McCulloch shared this statement during our recent goal-setting workshop.  And yet, we think we are alone.  It will take the courage of one, two, three; heck, of all of us, to step out of this mindset and into world-class living. I believe you are here for a purpose. To be GREAT at the gift you have been given.  It is our obligation to our creator, our families, our friends,  communities, and to the world we live in to take the time to discover and to live that purpose.  I will offer you thought-provoking nuggets for living world-class and discovering your potential and purpose. There is something that only YOU can bring to this world and it is time to give it flight!

The Truth About Jill

Who I am and what I can tell you “about me”  is best summed up in Albert Einstein’s statement: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein That curiosity has led me to so many wonderful discoveries about myself, about others, about the human body and movement, and about the things that make people tick!  As in all things in life, our education gives us the framework and opens the doors to experiences. The experiences themselves and our courage to pursue them are what define us.  Below is a list of my “framework”: ACE & AFAA Certified Personal Trainer Level 3 Institute of Motion Mentorship Level 2 TRX Instructor, and 4 TRX course certifications Fascia Dissection Course with Thomas Myers, 2014, 2015 & 2016 Jungshin Master Trainer Pilates, Cycling, Taiji Fit, and MELT Method certified Todd Durkin Mastermind Team, Platinum IDEA Health and Fitness Association FASTER Course Director Speaker and Innovator Creator, Owner and Chief Motivator of The Energy Lab I decided to become a personal trainer in 2007.  Never …