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Stay Charged!

Are you CHARGED? It is never too late, and especially today….Looking forward to an amazing month of fun, stories, memories, experiences to have and to share. We don’t have a choice other than to be CHARGED do we? 31 days left of this year. Did you ever imagine this day? Are you mindful of how you are living each and every day? It is time to start and believe me, it will keep you CHARGED!

Here are a few simple steps:

You know what they are. The things that keep you going, feeling strong, healthy and motivated. Your sleep, your nutrition, your not letting things out of your control get you down – we are all going to have stress, it is how we manage it that differentiates us! So stick to YOUR best practices! It could be as simple as starting every day with warm lemon water, having your Shakeology daily, getting to sleep by a certain time, working out every day – what makes you shine from the inside!!!

Your attitude determines everything. It always amazes me how easily I can self-talk myself into “this went wrong” and “too bad that happened”. But once I recognize what I am doing and stop myself to think of the good that is happening, everything truly changes. Give yourself a mantra if you need to. It is like my own little pep-talk condensed into one, two or three words that remind me of my course. My mantra this year has been “grace and composure” – once I think it, I lift my head up and smile.

SWEAT. SMILE. REPEAT. (you will see this on some of our new clothing coming in this month!) What it means is WORKOUT! Every day in one way or another. Do something good for your heart that makes it pound a little. Your heart is a muscle too and it deserves lots of attention. But make sure you are enjoying what you are doing. Have fun and smile so that you want to repeat it again and again! Working out is a luxury, an opportunity, a gift! The dose of endorphins that exercising, sweating and smiling release are enough to charge your batteries for a long time! (and naturally!) Check out our 24 Days of TRX and our 24 Days of INNER STRENGTH starting today! They will keep you connected every day with small doses working us towards greater goals!

Be with people who make you feel good, who bring out the best in you. Say no to the rest. Life is too short for negativity and complaining. Surround yourself with the best character and virtues you can. What I love about working out and about The Energy Lab in particular, is that when we come together hair-up or hat-on, in work-out clothes, sweating together, it does not matter what anyone’s profession is, where they live, who they know or anything else. If they’ll sweat with me with a smile and encourage everyone around them, they are my people.

Did you start this year with a few goals? What were your BIG 5 for the year? How about this month, what are your 3 goals in 30 days? We are either making progress or we are making excuses! Today, NOW, give yourself a check-in and make things happen!
Get Charged and Stay Charged! We will all benefit from it and we can spend the holidays and this month healthy and happy!
Excuses are Useless, Results are Priceless – let’s do the work! I’m with you! Are you with me?

24 days TRX24 days inner strength

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