Month: February 2014

Passport to Health beyond your wildest expectations…

It is a system I created 8 years ago.  I was teaching 5 cycling classes a week and at times it felt like we were pedaling, but going nowhere.  I knew there had to be more than to just show up a take a class.  Cycling opened my mind, my body, and my world to unlimited potential. But when it was over, so was the experience. And as anyone who trains their bodies knows,  in an endurance sport the calories are being burned during the activity -the run, the swim, the ride, etc. But once the effort is over, the calorie burn stops.

Why a Personal Trainer?

I decided to become a personal trainer 7 years ago.  Never in a million years did I imagine this is what I would be doing when I was in high school, when I graduated college, when I got married or had my first child.  By the time I had my second child, I was aware that personal trainers existed and I even had one.  I began teaching group fitness classes before I had my kids.  I was always at the gym before and after work, and instructors gave me the nudge that teaching might be something I would enjoy.  And so my fitness journey from the other side began!

The Flow of Life….the silverstrand

Not everything will go as you plan, drop expectations and go with the flow of life… Why? Because you are important and you matter. I saw it first hand and it struck several chords, heartstrings and wove into my being like only life and death can do. The flow of life and people we meet along the way made this experience possible for me. Without Sue Hitzmann, Arthur Hsu, Michol Dalcourt, Elena Dalcourt, Alok Singh, John Hardy, Annika Kahn, Kim Krausher, Bronwyn Adams-Hooper, Thomas Myers, Todd Garcia, Holly Clemens, and my numerous clients who keep me on my toes,  my circle of learning, humility, and curiousity would be closed.  Thanks to them, I saw life firsthand and I remain curious and open and inspired!