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A PIVOTAL moment!

A PIVOTAL moment!

In life, there are hot tub moments.  The kind that feel good, but once they are over, the feeling is most often lost.  And then, there are pivotal moments.  Those are the ones that stick with you even after the experience is over.  I have had several pivotal moments. Their impact is felt often and sometimes really really deeply!  This is one of those times!

In April of 2012 I attended a mentorship with Todd Durkin, a nationally acclaimed speaker, coach, business owner, personal trainer, and all around amazing person.  The 3.5 days I spent with him and his team and 25 other people there soaking up as much knowledge as we could was a pivotal moment.  Life changing and impactful.  The resonations are still and always with me in one way or another. This week  they were felt even more deeply as he asked us to submit a video of our experience. I was nervous and still am. That’s how I know it is pivotal, I don’t get nervous about much!  Our video was selected in the Top 10 to be voted on by the general public around the world. And one week from today, the winning video will be announced.  I am humbly asking you to please VOTE for my video. The winner will be named the 2013 IMPACT Trainer of the Year.  And that means a lot to me!  I work endlessly to create world-class experiences for everyone I come into contact with and I will not ever let good-enough be OK when it comes to what I do and how my business, The Energy Lab, runs.  My dream is to get what we do at The Energy Lab reach the world and this is one way I can get a step closer to my dream!


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Work hard. Be Humble. And if we are lucky, inspire someone along the way to live their best life! I believe our best life is one that has health in mind, body, and soul. Challenge limits and raise bars to continuously improve and keep growing as we look back at where we have come from and who we have learned from along the way! I own a fitness studio called The Energy Lab in Redlands, CA. We focus on the whole body. We are not a gym, we are a way of life!

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