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What’s on your plate?

This can be interpreted in many ways. What immediately comes to mind  is FIRST:  the number of times this past week I have brought up the “healthy eating plate”- Harvard School of Public Health- that  our dietitian Lindsay shared with us at our Clarks Nutrition Tour.  SECOND: we all juggle things every day, every week, and often, every hour~ what are YOU juggling? what’s on your plate? on your mind? and that leads to my THIRD: let’s just say “Sophie” for now…I’ll explain later.  It has to do with “what’s your WHY?”

FIRST: the healthy eating plate.  We have strayed so far away from this in our effort to try too hard to make better choices and buy into the things that will change our bodies, health, habits, etc.  Half of the healthy eating plate is vegetables and fruits, and significantly more vegetables than fruit!  Roughly another quarter of what should be on our plates is protein. And the last quarter is whole grains. Oils are mentioned, but do not have a “spot” on the plate.  Hmmmmm…..the last plate of food you had in front of you, whether it was breakfast, lunch, dinner, in-between….what was on it?  I have people ask me every day about omega 3, omega 6, oils, seeds, supplements, gluten free, soy/dairy/almond – what is the best thing?  I think it all comes down to that half of your plate that contains mostly vegetables and some fruits.  There are no labels on those.  They are gluten free, dairy free, and they contain the things our bodies require!  Add the protein and whole grains that can also come from  natural sources and what do we have?  If it is so easy, why do we have such a hard time?  That leads to my second interpretation of “what’s on your plate?”…

SECOND: What is on your plate? I don’t usually ask people that way.  I usually say, “what is going on with you?”  Or I sense your “cluttered” brain and I suggest you “let go”, “check in”, “shake off”, “take that deep ahhh breath”.  It has everything to do with what is on our plates.  When we think right, we eat right. We make better decisions. When we have too much on our plates and we are not thinking right, there is no way we will make good decisions to load our plates with healthy foods.  And that is where we go wrong. So what do we do?  Here comes my third interpretation – Sophie…

THIRD:  What’s on your mind?  What do you do to “get your mind right”?  That leads to the scary question: do you meditate?  I ask often and sometimes I suggest to a group, a class, someone I’m working with, “so, when you meditate…”  I never really get an answer.  I think because most of us don’t know how to meditate and very few want to ask.   Except for two of the clients that I have the honor to work with who are no longer afraid to ask and to learn new things.  Fear. It holds us back, until we have arrived at a place where fear no longer dictates our lives.  I know two people, both in their 9th decades of wisdom, who have no fear and they have asked, “how do I do that?”  I am ecstatic!  They want to know how! and they REALLY want to know.  What is their WHY?  I think their WHY is the last few balls in the bottom of their buckets and they need each one of those balls that they have left to hit to mean something.  Why don’t we all live every day like that?  Back to “how do I do that?”  It starts with our breath.  We are never too old to learn how to breathe.  The breath practice is our energy flow.   Breath and awareness of our energy, our chi, is where Sophie comes in.  My friend and I practice tai chi.  He wants to stay strong.  I explain we don’t need weights to keep him strong.  We focus on his upper body. Last year we focused on his legs.  To move his legs better and to get up and get down, we practiced our breath. And we let the breath move us.  Now he can get up and get down, we are working on his upper body strength, without the use of weights.  He doesn’t understand at first. But he doesn’t give up either. He works to understand as he says to me, “you know, most people wouldn’t get this”.  I say, “I know. But you’re not most people.”  He already knows that and so do I.  That’s why we can see Sophie.  With both of these individuals, they want the steps. They want to write down or practice and remember the steps.  It is that important to them.  So we go through the steps.  Align yourself.  Breathe.  Move from the inside with the breath guiding you. Feel the energy it creates. Move the energy. Let your eyes gaze at the energy and what do you see?  We focus on Sophie because Sophie has meaning. She was a Great Pyrenees who exemplified unconditional love.  She could look into your eyes and see you exactly as you are.  There is nothing superficial about Sophie. She is real.  Now we are meditating.  When we are with Sophie, there is no room for any other thoughts, clutter or chaos.  We can be free of the stressors and pains of life and clarity appears.  We don’t have to look for it, it is already there.  We just have to see it.  It is the space between the thoughts.  It is your Sophie.  It may be your Why.  It can be your healthy eating plate.  It is simple. What’s on your plate?

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Work hard. Be Humble. And if we are lucky, inspire someone along the way to live their best life! I believe our best life is one that has health in mind, body, and soul. Challenge limits and raise bars to continuously improve and keep growing as we look back at where we have come from and who we have learned from along the way! I own a fitness studio called The Energy Lab in Redlands, CA. We focus on the whole body. We are not a gym, we are a way of life!

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